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Caffa Mill, Fowey, Cornwall

Welcome to Cornwall Seafari!

Regular Seafaris and Rib Rides along the magnificent South Cornish coast sailing daily from the historic port of Fowey.

The Ultimate Marine Adventures available on the South Cornish coast. Our tours specialise in providing professional boat trips for most ages and abilities. Whether your looking for a sensitive wildlife encounter or thrilling fast rib ride we have something suitable for all budgets and occasions. 

Interested in your own private adventure or Unique experience? All the below trips plus half and full day Charters are available on requests, just click on the link at the bottom of the page and get in touch.


Our BoatTrips
Extreme Seafari(2hr)
South Coast Seafari(1.5hrs)
Lap of the Bay(1hr)
Quick One(40 mins)
FoweyRiver Hire

We love sharing our passion for the Fowey Estuary with our customers:

"Best day of our holiday - We had an awesome time on our seafari exploring the coast."