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Caffa Mill, Fowey, Cornwall

Who We Are

We are Cornwall Seafari, its been 40+ years in the making, two Fowey Primary School friends who have both spent most of their working and social lives on the water.

There's the one who talks a lot and comes from the beautiful eastside of the river, loves wildlife and the naturally stunning scenery this part of the world offers. He's a story teller but also keeps his tales 100% based on fact (with just a bit of Cornish elaboration!). As you'll discover when you come onboard with us - the truth is often a lot more interesting than fiction.

Then we have the one from the westside of the river, who's home is Fowey - the Jewel of the River, and in our case the operation! If one of us is the mouth the other is the brains, together we head the operation.

Working on the water a strong head is essential, but the body needs to be up to the job aswell and we've got a great team working with us. The main part of the body have all cut their teeth on the River working with our sister company Fowey River Hire - as they say the cream always rises to the top. Here you'll find our crew mates, guides and younger skippers.

Finally comes our arms and legs - these are the folks that keep everything moving along, whether its our amazing admin team (who are often doubling up in our onsite takeaway) by the slipway at Caffa Mill, the self employed Captains who help out here and there, or the engineers who keep the boats running smoothly.  

All in all we're proud of what we've become, local lads and lasses who love where they live so much - we can't wait to share our sometimes missed but never forgotten South Cornish Coast with you. We are Cornwall Seafari.

Our Ethos 

When the conception of Cornwall Seafari was made we wanted to create a business that would employ local people and help local businesses. We would rather spend a little more time and money getting things done on our doorstep than going elsewhere. Likewise recruiting and training people from our little bit of Cornwall was more important than advertising for ready made alternatives. We are driven to offer year round employment opportunities once we have built up the business gradually over a 5 year period. Watch this space........ 

Our Boats 

CS - 1 aka Bumblebee is a 9 meter Ribcraft. Best described as the 4 X 4 of the water. In her previous life she was first commisioned up the River at Lostwithiel, before being refitted in the noughties to do a Round Britain Challenge. When we acquired her she was ready for another facelift so she had a full above deck refit in 2019, all ready for the 2020 season. She's currently running 2 x Honda Engines.

CS - 2 aka Hornet is a 10.5 meter Ribquest, built new in 2023, she has been custom built for us to be the perfect boat for wildlife and sightseeing experiences. She's been coded (licensed) to a higher level than Bumblebee so can run day or night all year round. 


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